Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Not so interesting anymore 

This pneumonia thing, not so interesting anymore. It is slowly killing me, and it looks like my pensilin isnt working. Hurraih for me. Ohh, did I fail to mention I also started my pms on top of it all?

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Back to life 

How about we bring this blog back to life. I'm sitting home sick and I am literally bored to death. I am pretty sick though, it apprears I have pneumonia, the midsection of my left lung is clogged along with some other things that I cant remember. I really should start to listen better to my doc. He is actually a brilliant doctor, but as most brilliant ones, he is also slightly insane. He was really nice when I went to him now, he didnt tell me I could die like he often does. Last time I went to him with the flu, he told me that if I wouldnt do as he instructed I might die. Once I went to him cause I had had pains for quite a while in my throat, and he told me that the day we woke up and we dont feel a thing, we are dead. When I have pneumonia a disease people have died from more often then the flu, he chooses not to tell me I'm might die.

Pneumonia is quite annoying, I have constant fever, so I take ibufen everytime I feel my fever go up to around 39°C/102°F or over and manage to drag it down to 38°C/100°F. Not to mention the pensilin I have to take. Quite strong medicine and causes my heart to bump like its in a race. Then we have dissyness, bonepains, headaches, lack of sleep, coughing, constant bad taste in my mouth, lack of air... Quite annoying the whole thing, but still as weird as I am, I think it is quite interesting to have pneumonia, I always imagined that I would be more sick. Thankfullly I'm not though, but I was lucky though that I went to the doc on friday, if I hadnt I would've been much more sick, possibly hospitalised, now that would've been a pain in the rear end.

I think I'm turning into a kender. For those of you who have no idea what a kender is, it is a race from the Dragonlance books that are based on Dungeon and Dragon games. Fantastic adventour books, my boyfriend gave me one book about a year ago, and I never thought I might like such a book. I have always been a sucker for adventures and good creative imagination, so I completely fell in love with those books. The characters, the place, the story, simply brilliant.

Now so I continue to describe kenders they are insanely curious, a kender would jump off a cliff just to know how it feels. Not to mention, kenders are completely fearless. In regard to personal belongings, kender have a relatively loose definition of what is "theirs." They keep finding objects that on some undescribable way somehow found its way to the kenders pouch. They arent stealing, he was either watching it for you, or he picked it up somewhere. A heirloom of kenders are stuff that has been in their belongings for over 3 weeks. Which rarely happens. Kenders are excellent lockpickers, if you go to a kenderparty you would find the door with many locks on it for entertainment value. Quite remarkable creatures and very humorous.

Yes, yes, I am a nerd :P

Monday, February 23, 2004

Stupidity of the month 

A sixty-six-year-old Margraten resident wanted to protect his garden shed against burlgars. The best way to do this, he decided, was to construct a booby trap. He cobbled together some ropes and a shotgun aimed at the door. Proud of his ingenuity, he demonstrated the effectiveness of the device to two friends by shooting himself in the abdomen and lower arm. An emergency operation prevented him from winning a Darwin Award. Police searched his home and confiscated firearms and ammo, along with fifteen full-grown marijuana plants that perhaps helped him formulate the painful lesson in safety.

Type of personality my disorder 


Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Spit in my sandwitch 

I went to a small joint close to my work the other day for lunch. Its a small place that sells sandwitches and soups, runned by a middle age couple. I picked out a sandwitch and asked the man if he could pluck off the onion, if it wasn't too much of an inconvenience. He turned to his wife, whispered something in her ear and she gave him a furious look and stormed off with my sandwitch, second later a door was slammed. With shaky hand I payed the man and waited for my sandwitch that had most likely been spit on. Moral of the story, start eating onion...

Friday, February 20, 2004

Thought of the day 

Charley Sheen has a really big nose...

Thursday, February 19, 2004

The next Bond 

Who of these four gentlemen will be the next James Bond...

Jude Law

Orlando Bloom

Colin Farrel

Hugh Jackman


I received an e-mail from a gay friend who just got married to his partner for many years. This got me thinking about our sexuality. There are many theories about why men become homosexuals or women become lesbians. None of them have been proven to my knowledge. One doctor managed to isolate a small area on the X chromosome called the Xq28, which was found exclusively with gay men. It was thought it was carried on from the mother, yet there were number of other gay men who the Xq28 area wasn’t found. Then the human brain has been researched, and one scholar thought he had found the "gay area" in the hypothalamus of the brain. And the researches go on and on.

This makes me wonder about the sociological part. Why do we have minority groups? Why do we have to mark some person as gay, black, fat or tall? Why can’t we just accept each person regardless of their appearances or sexuality? Not to mention, who we prefer to have sex with or spend our life with, is nobodies business, those information’s are just too personal. Are we so insecure with our self’s that we have to be constantly judging other people? Are we so petty that we feel better when we make other people struggle for their existence? What causes these thoughts within us?

Hairdressers special species 

Hairdressers are funny people. Usually really charming and talkative, not to mention, they are always happy to see you. My hairdresser actually said to me, I always get excited when I see you are coming. I blushed and said, nahhh I bet you say it to all your customers. She says, its just, your hair is so special. After that we start to share the deepest secrets of our lives, you can somewhat say that hairdressers are the confession booth of the non-catholics. The only difference is, they charge you 100 bucks for it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Computer Disaster 

Lately I have been having a bit of problems with my computer. It kept filling my C: drive even though we never downloaded or installed anything there. We have a 120gig harddisk which is splitted down in a few drives. I called a computer programmer that I found in the yellow pages. He arrives at my home, we tell him what we want him to do, and my cat performs a show for him. He takes the computer and comes back the day after with it after having done most of the things we asked him to do, but no internet connection. He leaves it at that and asks us to call him in the morning if the connection wasnt up.

The following morning the connection is still down, I call him and ask him to fix it. He tells us that his friend knows much more about this then he does and has him call us. The friend calls and makes my dad do something over the phone. It of course didnt work, so when I come home I call the man and tell him he needs to come here and get us online. He promises me the whole world and more, but never arrives and on top of that he didnt answer his phone.

So all in all, I had to call my internet company this morning when they finally opened again after the weekend to get my connection up. The other guys who btw, we payed alot of money for fixing the computer and apparnetly after they received their payments, their job is done. I reccomend if someone is having similare problems to handcuff them to the computer until they get the job done!

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